It’s more like a shuffle

Tonight I was doing laundry after making supper. My kids were busy doing homework and I quietly reflected on today. I thought, “Ya know today was a good day”. And it was. It was a normal day with normal tasks like cooking meals, sorting recycling, playing with my cats, I even got some writing in. Kids had good days at school.

I am quick to treasure those days. I know that tomorrow could be completely different. I could have terrible night terrors tonight and wake in a groggy fog tomorrow. One of my daughters may suffer a panic attack or there may be an email home that someone is struggling to focus at school or worse yet had a trauma reaction to something and ended up visiting the school counsellor. It could be one of those days or it could not.

We never know. So we take one step forward and sometimes two steps back and we shuffle through our day to day life.

Trauma does that to a person. Your life is no longer a straight line. It’s one full of jagged lines, circles and curves. In time you learn this is how your life is and you take each day as it comes.

You shuffle and that’s a – ok in my books.


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